When Seagulls Saved the World

We are currently creating a new show called When Seagulls Saved the World. The world as we know it is on the brink of destruction and the seagulls, thinking a world without chips, pasties and ice creams to gobble would be a sad place indeed, decide to hatch a plan to save the world.

The show explores the issue of plastic pollution. Living by the coast here in Cornwall, we are all too aware of the damage this is causing to the coastline and its wildlife. Seagulls are creatures most people love to hate, but this is their home too, and just maybe these particular seagulls might have some ideas as to how to clean up the oceans and repurpose all that plastic. And they’ll be on their best behaviour, they promise….

Research and development

In summer 2021 we spent several exciting weeks making, playing and experimenting in the studio at AMATA and out and about on the Falmouth University Penryn campus, plus a few glorious days at Trebah Gardens. This period of research and development (R&D) culminated in a sharing of our work-in-progress at The Big Read Fest in Redruth, where we also ran a few puppetry workshops for local families. You can read more about our creative process on our blog, at the links below:

R&D Week 1

In August we spent time in the studio at Falmouth University’s Academy of Music and Theatre Arts exploring a ‘plastic world’ of the future, studying seagull movement, experimenting with soundscapes and singing sea shanties.

R&D Weeks 2 & 3

In September we welcomed puppeteer Amber-Rose Perry to the team and took our newly-made seagull puppets, Betty and Rodger, out and about to play. We improvised, created some scenes, had a seagull photo shoot and made a short video.

You can download our Project Overview below to read about the outcomes and impact of the project on the artists and members of our local community who took part.

Our funders

This project has received funding from Arts Council England’s National Lottery Project Grants and FEAST Cornwall (and their funders).

Our partners

With thanks to our project partners, Hall for Cornwall, Falmouth Town Council and CN4C, for their support.